Complete Restorations in Minimal Time with Our CNC Machining Adelaide

Do you require CNC machining Adelaide to create a specific part or component for your vintage or classic car? Vintage & Classic Automotive have a range of in-house machinery that enables us to engineer and manufacture OEM-grade parts for holistic restoration.

We utilise a combination of MIG, TIG and OXY welding machines, along with lathes and milling machines to precision engineer components of all shapes and sizes. Having this advanced technology on hand enables us to provide complete vehicle restorations at a more affordable price, saving you time and hassle—because there’s nothing more frustrating than delayed and expensive shipping.

As passionate car enthusiasts ourselves, we completely understand how important it is to have stringent quality control processes in place to fabricate parts that meet both performance and reliability standards. We’re happy to walk you through the technology behind our CNC machining Adelaide to give you peace of mind!

CNC Machining Adelaide

Why Is In-House CNC Machining Adelaide Preferred?

Vintage & Classic Automotive have incorporated CNC Machining Adelaide into our standard service offering, helping clients fully restore their vehicles under the quality control of our expert vintage mechanics. Finding the perfect part can be a challenge, and even when you do find one that fits the criteria—can you really trust its performance? The benefits of in-house fabrication include:

  • Precision engineering: There’s no compromise necessary, because we fabricate the perfect part to meet performance needs.
  • Affordability: Outsourced components for classic cars can be significantly bumped up in price for their scarcity on the market.
  • Restoration time: You don’t have to wait weeks for the part to arrive before installation can take place, because we have everything on hand and ready to go when you need it.
  • Professional advice: Building a relationship with your mechanic gives them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with your car.

Full Scope Servicing to Recommission Your Car!

In addition to our CNC machining Adelaide, Vintage & Classic Automotive provide the full scope of maintenance and repair work to recommission your car. Some of our core services include:

  • Fuel & Carburettors: We are fully trained to set up, tune and rebuild carburettors to help your car run better than ever before.
  • Engine Repairs & Reconditioning: Offering complete engine rebuilds and reconditioning to either meet, or exceed original stock performance.
  • Braking systems: As your car’s most essential safety item, we offer comprehensive assessments and repairs to improve you braking system.
  • Electrical repairs & maintenance: From electronic ignition upgrades to swapping your headlights over to LED or halogen options—our team can assist with all your wiring requirements to improve your overall driving experience.

If any of these tasks require new components, we can of course utilise our in-house CNC machining Adelaide to deliver the perfect solution in minimal time.

Regardless of what you need to bring life back into your vintage or classic car, our mechanics are fully trained to bring it to a performance standard that gives you complete confidence on the road. Whatever part you need to make that possible, we can use our CNC machining Adelaide to manufacture it for you!

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