Our Classic Car Restoration Adelaide

Regardless of what brand your car is, you can trust that it’s in the most professional hands with our classic car restoration Adelaide team. We have experience in all facets of the trade, reviving the look and function of your vehicles to perform better than ever before.

We understand that every vehicle that rolls through our doors requires a level of attention to detail that you simply can’t find at a standard workshop. We’ve had over 150+ classic cars in the care of our professionals.

We offer free pick-up and delivery to save you from any transportation dramas, and leave you with expert advice to help you prolong the performance and aesthetic of your car. Building a good relationship with your mechanic saves you from major headaches down the track, because they can offer further advice for your car restoration based on their existing knowledge of your vehicle.

Classic Car Restoration Adelaide

Services We Offer

Vintage & Classic Automotive provide the full scope of classic car restoration Adelaide services to completely recommission your car. There’s nothing worse than driving around with apprehension, worried that you could end up stuck on the side of the road at any moment. So, we take it upon ourselves not just to fix your car, but to give you confidence so you can really reap the rewards of your purchase. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Mechanical checks and repairs
  • Electrical repairs & maintenance
  • Engine repairs & re-conditioning
  • Braking system repairs or replacements
  • Welding & machining to create components that meet OEM standards
  • Complete classic car restoration Adelaide, both inside and out

Our team even work closely with enthusiasts to get their cars ready for presenting, running through a comprehensive checklist to ensure every detail is accounted for.

Brands That We Work On

We’ve had all sorts of car makes and models come through for classic car restoration Adelaide, each with a unique set of requirements and components that demand good diagnostic and problem-solving abilities. Fortunately, that’s one of our strengths at Vintage & Classic Automotive! Some of the most common brands we’ve worked on include:

  • BMW—first introduced to the German market in 1917, BMW are labelled a premium-grade brand, remaining one step ahead with their evolving models.
  • Porsche—best known for their high-performing sports cars, Porsche is another Germany born and bred brand that has been around since the 1930’s.
  • Jaguar—since 1922, Jaguar have been leading the way as a multinational luxury brand, first established in the UK.

There’s absolutely no type of vehicle that we’ll turn away, and if we don’t have an immediate solution, we’ll do the hard yards and figure out the most affordable course of action.

If you’re looking for a reliable mechanic to address your car needs without hassle, Vintage Classic & Automotive are the solution. Join our network of happy drivers and make sure your classic car restoration Adelaide is being carried out by the best in the business! Call (08) 8276 2401 today.

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